Dr. Shantanu Mallick

1. Fellowship in Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) in Budapest, Hungary on September’2011.
2. Fellow of Indian Academy of Pain Medicine (FIAPM) in Bangalore, February 2019
3. Pioneer in Painless delivery in Navi Mumbai and running antenatal class since 1999.
4. Started ISA City Branch (Anesthesia Society) in Navi Mumbai in 2003
5. Pioneer in Interventional Pain Therapy in Navi Mumbai
6. Published a e-book on “50 Great Anesthesiologists, a pictorial review ” on June 2019 (Amazon.in)
7. Published a e-book on “Homophones in Anatomy ” on January 2022 (Amazon.in).


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Dr. Shantanu Mallick Experience , workshop organized in MGM Medical College and paper presentation

Dr Shantanu Mallick
Pain Physician and Anatomist
MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai